Welcome to EPISD Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology is the Staff Development arm of Technology Services. We provide training for teachers, administrators and all other EPISD staff in all things “technology” in EPISD. Instructional Technology Specialists are housed in each feeder pattern and provide technology training and assistance on a wide variety of topics, from computer basics to advanced use of technology equipment. Each campus has an assigned Instructional Technology Specialist. Recently, two of our trainers were awarded “SMART Certified” trainer certificates, the highest training that anyone can achieve for SMART Board products.

Instructional Technology also is home of the EPISD TV studio, an award-winning video production department that creates all of those incredible videos that help showcase the district.

Besides training face to face, Instructional Technology also provides online services for the EPISD family.

EPISD OLE is EPISD’s Online Education portal that any employee can access to learn more about technology.

Instructional Technology has training facilities at the PDC as well as the Science Resource Center. We also do “house calls” and will train onsite.